Derived from 9gag, defined as "a horrible excuse for a website than sic mainly incorporates stolen materials and ideas from other legitimate websites. 9GAG is also a large source of child pornography."

A 9gagger is someone who creates and/or promotes and/or enjoys such websites. Colloquial usage refers to anyone who is slimy, dishonest, disgusting, or a pedophile.
This egregiously gross website might appeal to creeps, pedophiles and 9gaggers, but never to normal people.
by CA_Barbie January 19, 2012
Top Definition
People who use bananas as a ruler, potatoes as an ending, and 9gag to procrastinate.
John: "Dude, why are you using a banana?"

Dave: "Because, I'm a 9gagger, duh!"
by ABANanas October 22, 2014
A person who exclusively deepthroats penises of 9-or-more inches in length. Gender and age varies, but most tend to be obese males between the ages of 12 and 40.
PERSON 1: Hey man, do you think I could get a date Todd?
PERSON 2: Doubt it. He's a 9gagger.
by ZERSTÖRER DER JUDEN June 05, 2012

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