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A website which is woefully juvenile and fundamentally useless as a political entity. It claims to be the home of Anonymous, but, is in fact a home for retards and teenagers. It has NO original memes and actually claims ownership of memes that have existed for years before 9gag.
Joe: Did you hear those 9gag kids claim that they're Anonymous?
David: And I know a retard who thinks he's Batman. What's your point?

God Tier: 4chan
Hero Tier: reddit
Meh Tier: Tumblr
Shit Tier: 9gag
by JeebusTheRisen February 15, 2012
The absolute worst thing on the Internet. 9gag is pretty much the Internet form of the guy in the "Texas chainsaw" movies. If
You were go on reddit, look at when the stuff was uploaded, go to 9gag and do the same, you would obviously see 9gag stealing from reddit. It's mostly
Rage comics and memes. 4chan was created and then it turned dark. Reddit was made as the light side. Reddit and 4chan were at each others' throats. Then 9gag came and reddit and 4chan were really pissed off. 9gag, commonly known as 9fag, steals from reddit, 4chan, funnyjunk, tumblr, almost everything. The only thing 9gag won't steal from is 9gag.

This is a warning. If you join 9gag, nobody will like you, people will think you're garbage, and you will most likely get your computer hacked. Don't go on 9gag to look at photos because u want to, go to 9gag to see proof that it steals from everything but itself. If you stay on it for more than 6 minutes, spyware, viruses, software, important stuff all gone. You will have no files, no pictures, no anything. You will have major spyware and viruses and you will have no way to get on the Internet.
9gagger : yea bruh 9gag is so cool swag yolo

Me: um, if you don't get dafuq away from me, you will get killed.

9gagger : you got no swag.

Me: duh. I have "no I'm not swag" because quite frankly, swag stands for "secretly we are gay" and 9gag stands for "9 gay annoying (ball licking) goo suckers
by Ronnocwwefan May 19, 2013
The shittiest thing on the vastness of the internet.
It's average (read: all) 12 year old shit heads claiming to be Anonymous and adding "Le" to every goddamn thing they can.
They also steal content off of Reddit, 4chan and Tumblr and claim it as their own.
It's the reason why you're puppy go run over and your Gramma died.
Person 1: "Fuck off stupid 9fag"
9fag: "Hurr Durr, Im Le legion, ill hack yur internet"

4channer: "Did you see that funny shit a week ago?"
9fag: "9gag made that yesterday, not u fags"
Redditor: "Go choke on your boyfriends dick already"
by F9G September 03, 2013
A fairly well-known meme-based website where people from all over the world go to criticize other groups of people for their beliefs, race, country of origin or personality types. It is also a breeding ground for atheistic hatred toward Christians and other religions alike. It also has the occasional humorous post but is primarily comprised of what are known as "newfags" who enjoy reading meme-based pictures because it has become a fad on facebook.
John Doe: "So I was looking forward to coming home, relaxing, and reading some funny stuff on 9gag but all I ran into was a bunch of atheist posts saying how stupid and ignorant all Christians are. And that's not exactly funny to me, if I wanted to read that crap I'd go on youtube.
by nwctasam March 19, 2012
A soul stealer.
I was a normam citizen, then I took a 9gag to the soul.
by striker675 January 10, 2012
A website for posting images (and occasionally videos, but they are usually frowned upon) that one thinks are funny. Then other users can "Like" or "Dislike" it. The "Vote" page is comprised of all the raw, newly uploaded posts which are then run through the gauntlet of voters. If the post gets enough likes, it moves on to the "Trending" page. This is where posts that enough people "Liked" go so that more people will get to see it and "Like" it if they want to. If it gets enough "Likes" from there, it moves on to the "Hot" page. These are the posts that have many thousands of "Likes" go and where they are immortalized. To get a post to the "Hot" page is the greatest aspiration one can have as a member of 9gag and to get one there is considered something of a badge of honor.
"9gag: Just for Fun"
by Montressor of 9gag January 10, 2012
The ultimate Internet website. No matter what 4chan scumbags may retort, 9gag is the best meme website.

Home to an amazing and extensive community, 9gag is pixel by pixel, over 9000% better than anything else.
Scumbag Steve: Hey, have you been on 4chan lately?

Everyone else: Fuck that, 4chan is for morons and Americans. The age of 9gag has begun.
by Stress1 January 13, 2012
Noun. The most epic of the epic. The funniest of the funny. All the best that the Internet has to offer
I was on 9GAG today at work when my boss came in. There was almost trouble, but we ended up spending 5 hours laughing our heads off.
by pinklemonaddict August 06, 2010