An irrelevant website that's filled with a bunch of kids who just discovered internet meme's and trolling.(aka the 9gag generation) They are responsible for NOTHING that happens on the internet. There has never been one single meme that originated from 9gag.
Typical 9gagger: lol I can trollz YouTube comments!!!!
by Cronik231 August 23, 2012
The worst social media website online.

Imagine a human centipede, except with social media websites.
At the front, we have 4chan, after that we have reddit, then we have digg, then we have 9gag behind the last guy eating his shit just for the hell of it.
Typical 9gag user: "I love 9gag! It's so funny and original!"
by valdin450 December 25, 2011
A site which engages in countless ruthless cyber-bullying attacks, otherwise known as 'raids'. These raids usually include posting highly insulting comments on FaceBook pages commemorating a person who has passed away. The members of 9gag view this as funny and a quality way to spend their time.
9gag made my brother commit suicide.

The Facebook page had been deleted due to excessive spam from 9Gag.
by Legion53464 January 30, 2012
A website in which every user uploads stolen content, while still may pertain humor, is often taken from other websites such as reddit (see reddit), 4chan (see 4chan), Dorkly (see Dorkly), etc., slaps a 9gag watermark on, and calls it theirs. They lie about having the hacker group Anonymous hosted, or being the hearth of the internet. They are, in a sense, the lowest common denominator of the internet (see shit). You do NOT want to be them.
Person 1: "Dude, 9gag is better than everyone else! We ar the hearth of the internet!"

Person 2: "No, you're a group of 14 year-olds who steal content from other sites while calling it your own. I feel sorry for you, really."
by mmine May 03, 2012
Guy: "Siri, from now on, call me "Reject Shit Head"."
Siri: "Okay. From now on, I'll call you "Reject 9gag Head". Is that what you wanted?"
by Mister Cookie September 20, 2012
A retarded website that is populated by fags and rejects from 3rd world countries who main source of amusement is talking in meme's and circle jerking in each other's AIDS riddled cum
Person 1: Le me and my imaginary girfriend are going to scour the interwebz for funny original content and post it on 9gag and claim it as our own.

Person 2: Eww faggot fuck off, how did you get into my panty drawer?
by Fokuniqa January 21, 2013
The shittiest thing on the vastness of the internet.
It's average (read: all) 12 year old shit heads claiming to be Anonymous and adding "Le" to every goddamn thing they can.
They also steal content off of Reddit, 4chan and Tumblr and claim it as their own.
It's the reason why you're puppy go run over and your Gramma died.
Person 1: "Fuck off stupid 9fag"
9fag: "Hurr Durr, Im Le legion, ill hack yur internet"

4channer: "Did you see that funny shit a week ago?"
9fag: "9gag made that yesterday, not u fags"
Redditor: "Go choke on your boyfriends dick already"
by F9G September 03, 2013
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