Used in reference to homosexual sex. A play on the usually heterosexual 69 position, where the numerals represent the position of the sexual partners.

In England '99' chiefly is associated with a popular type of ice-cream sold by ice-cream vans that are usually seen in seaside resorts.
"I went up to the ice-cream man and asked him for a 99. He gave me a large creamy one."
by Umbongo - England March 30, 2003
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How many problems I have but a bitch aint one.
I got 99 problems but a bitch aint one.
by Cainoftheturks July 30, 2006
99 = Nighty-night! Usually used when it's late into the night btw =3
you: OMG, it's 3AM already and we're still online...
me: ya, we should probably off to bed...=.=
you: k, 99
me: 99 =3
by Dawei Lu April 06, 2008
Putting your age as 99 on Myspace so that people can't troll you by your real age and spam you or send you stupid messages like "whazzup?"
I had my real age on Myspace but I got too many douchebags trying to hit me up, so I 99'd myself.
by sarasplayroom.com June 05, 2009
The jersey number of Wayne Gretzky, the greatest hockey player and quite possibly the greatest athlete in history. No one will ever wear 99 again in the National Hockey League.
No one will ever break 99's records. Ever!
by Saddam Hussein May 09, 2003
A sexual act in which whipped cream or ice cream is squirted on to the penis, followed by the strategic placing of a Cadbury's flake into the cream heap. The creamy, chocolaty treat is then sensually licked and nibbled off by a (hungry) partner.
A "I had a bit of a messy encounter last night."
B "What happened?"
A "Let's just say it involved a Mr. Whippy"
B "You 99ed? That's gross."
A "Tasted good though."
by Feh Feh November 11, 2013
A life prison sentence.
I caught my wife with another man, and it cost me 99.
by RM139 August 03, 2010

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