90s kid defines a person born around the mid 80s to the mid 90s. Part of being a 90s kid is living through the decade of change. The quality of cartoons. The lack of the Internet. The experience of the time in general that made them who they are today. It is not solely focused on what is remember in child hood, but how it shaped the views for a majority of the generation born within that time frame. 90s kids come in different forms, so you have those that are more egocentric, and those that are more open minded, but all in all, most 90s kids have a certain train of thought. Quality of life. Being taught by the generation before hand, they also have a sense of morals and views that have come into acceptance today, and many have been made possible because of them. Not to say they are the only contributing factors, but they have been a big part. They are not stuck in the past, but memories do male who you are.
I am a 90s kid. No, they're not 90s kids, look at that. Who does that? They're trying to start a new trend that doesn't even make sense.
by JamesBoness February 27, 2015
a kid born during the early 90's ar late 80's (actually lived through more than 2yrs of this awesome decade0
born in 1990=90's kid
by *thumbs up* March 30, 2008
Someone stuck in the 90s. They have boyband hair and play pokemon on their gameboy and wear those combat trousers with tassly bits hanging off them, or perhaps a pink camo vest top.
They go on about No Doubt and the Spice Girls. They are quite lame and say things like "radical" and "wicked" in a non-scene kid way, with the occassional "for the win".
Person 1: "I'm really getting into No Doubt, they're so cool, I wish I had hair like Gwen Stefani used to have."
Person 2: "Woah dude you're such a 90s kid."
by thereal90skid October 19, 2009
Anyone who's age was 15 at any time between 1990 -1999. The idea being that the person was, at some time, old enough to take part in the cultural experiences presented by this decade.
At 5 years old in 1995, this person is highly unlikely to have experienced much, if any, of the impact within the decade. Although technically born in the 90's, any personal expression is more than likely not attributed to the culture, and by the end of the decade (1999) would still be merely 10.

With 1995 - 1996 being a median time frame of the decade, a +/- 5 rule to the age of 10 can be attributed to the person.. Any older or younger, and the person falls outside the scope of influence of the decade.

It is the term "kid" that creates confusion. Some people seem to be using it interchangeably with "adolescent". While adolescent is more closely related (in terms) to adulthood, the term "kid" can properly be used to represent anyone under the age of 18 years of age. The use of the word "kid" is by consequence however, as "90s adolescent" just doesn't have the same appeal.

By that conclusion, technically a child born on Dec. 31, 1999 is a "90s Kid", as would the person be born Jan. 2, 1972, each person having lived at least 1 day under the age of 18 within 1990- 1999.

A "90s Kid" was aware and old enough to take part in the culture and influence around them.
by FSB July 18, 2013
1) "Kids" born from 1990 to 1999

2) sexy in a cool way.
Lovely is a 90's kids so she's sexy. Apparently so am I.
by kool9521 October 15, 2008
Sexy in a cool way. Only applies to those born from 1990 to 1999.
We're sexy; we're 90's kids.
by That dude from Hogan September 11, 2008
A 90s Kid is anybody who was born between the years of 1990 and 1999. And is also anybody who had a chance to at least experience and enjoy the incredible lifestyle, and culture that the decade had to offer. The whole concept of being a 90s kid has been severely disputed by people who were born in the 80s, who claim that they are the true 90s kids because they have more memories from the time period. But fail to realize that they WEREN'T BORN inbetween those years. That's like someone being born in the 70s and calling themselves a 80s kids! Wow! But like I said If you were born between 1990 and 1999, your a 90s kid. 80s kids, I know you have more memories of the time, but let's the 90s kids have their timespot!
I was born in '96 and I remember a lot if stuff from '98-'01
because I started remembering when I was 2-3. I'm a 90s Kid
by O.M2010 July 18, 2013

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