A great fucking decade. There was the classic old dial up internet, good cartoons, movies, music, sex, drugs, culture, tv, etc. Typically considered the hangover of the party 80's, but if the 90s was a hangover then I'd get drunk every night just to get a hangover.
Example 1:

From good nickelodeon and cartoon network to Austin Powers to Oasis to the pre 9/11 NYC and world in general, the 90's were the last great years in history.

Example 2:

Greatest things about the 1990s:

by el hombre 123 June 25, 2009
Top Definition
The best decade ever. It kicks the ass out of the 00's. Is in competition with the 80's.
"The 90's is the best God damn decade ever. I wish it was still the 90's."
by BustinJustin September 27, 2007
One of the best decades ever. Some of the best comedy shows came out during this period: The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Family Matters, Saved by the Bell, Rocko's Modern Life, The Ren & Stimpy Show, etc. The 90's were the golden years of Nickelodeon and comedy shows in general. Nowadays we have pathetic shows such as "Hannah Montana" and "Zoey 101".
"OMG!! Hannah Montana is about to come on in 10 minutes!!"
rolleyes "I wish I was still in the 90's"
by Stephosaurus January 07, 2008
The greatest decade in the history of the world.....ever.
Dude, "Rocko's Modern Life", "All That" and "Are You Afraid Of the Dark?" are the most 90s TV shows ever.
by bfish420 November 28, 2007
The best decade ever. Nickelodeon was still cool, Power Rangers were the biggest thing ever, plastic lunch boxes were pretty awesome, and nick jr. still had Face. Will never be surpassed by any decade. The 00's have already lost. 70's weren't that good. The music and movies, great. The things that happened though, not so good. 80's is a close second.
Damn, I miss the 90's.
by advocate of the 90's February 02, 2008
Basically the best decade ever. I could be here for awhile listing reasons but here we go. One: Economy. It doesn't even come close to the shit hole of an economy we have today. Clinton was 1,000,000 times better than Bush (who is part of the reason we're in the shitter. Everyone was happy and having a good time. Second, overall media was better: tv, music, etc. Rap had true meaning and wasn't nearly as bad as the garbage today. The beats were original and they rapped about other things than getting money, fucking bitches, and getting ass-raped (that one was a joke but probably is happening.) Rock was awesome and it was actually a time where it was acceptable to like both rap and rock (because both were sick.) In fact, I have nothing to compare rock to because I don't even think they make it anymore. All the music today is auto-tune shit (because it actually doesn't take a good voice to become a singer anymore.) It gets worse and worse every year. TV sucks. What happened to those good 90's cartoons? There were replaced with shit like Hannah Montana and iCarly, in which case every episode is about boyfriend troubles. What happened to MTV? It's all fucking reality tv shows. I don't think anyone can pay enough to sit down and watch The Jersey Shore. Life is so centered around technology that people have almost become dependent. That is what will happen in the future if this keeps up. People can't go 1 second without their facebook, twitter, blackberry, you name it.
by KQ92 January 13, 2010
the best decade ever!!! i was a little kid in the 90's and i remember playing tag 24/7 with my friends, and playing sports all day long, tech decks were the biggest thing out for kids my age, everyone loved tony hawk, the x-games were the shit, if u didnt trade pokeman cards u were a loser, power rangers was an awesome show, and nickelodeon had some of its best shows on in the 90's...rocket power which was AWEESOME,i forget the name of that show with the two beavers that always hit each other haha i loved that show too, some other good showz were fresh prince of bel air, family matters,not only was this the best decade ever but America was extremely prosperous during this decade...the 00's is straight up garbage i see little 7 yr old kids with pdas/smartphones and shit like wtf and they jus watch tv all day and eat mcdonalds..i feel sorry for them if only the lived in the 90's
Their Was Real Rap in the 90's rip Tupac
by babydough1 August 12, 2008
The Best Decade of Man Ever. when no one gave a bunch of dingo's Kidneys about anything and every one was happy. the music, T.V., movies, food, sex, drugs, games, sports,etc. where great. Cliton was Prez and there was Gas coming out of our ears. he few Pre-madonas where popular and rap made sense. movies like Austin Powers and Jurasic Park where loved
1) i miss the 90's
2) i wish i could live in the 90's again
3) my only regret about being a teen right know is that i did't get to be a ten in the 90's
by TONY! January 17, 2008
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