Referring to the best temperature range on the Fahrenheit scale, the 90's range from 90°F to 99°F. The 90's are nice and warm, they are especially pleasant when accompanied by humidity. Some people hate on the 90's when they complain that 90° is too hot. Those people suck because 90° weather is the best damn type of weather period.
Guy 1: Hey, tomorrow is going to be in the 90's
Guy 2: Sweet! The 90's are great!
Loser: I hate the 90's they are too hot.
by Ben Dover Mike Hawk May 30, 2007
A slang term for speed. Because speed gained fame in the 90's. (Also see 80's)
Yeah, she's strung out on 90's for sure.
by Anonymous August 10, 2003
Basically the 80s, but more advanced and more technology.
Music, fashion, electronics, cars, haircuts, etc were the same.
The real 90s decade was from 1980-1999.
Things changed when it got to 2000.
Late 80s= Early 90s
Early 80s= Mid 90s
Mid 80s= Late 90s

80s and 90s twin brothers
by Matt92 June 06, 2010

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