1. Used by Neo-nazis for HH , 8 is the 8th letter in the alphabet, standing for Heil Hitler.
2. Used by Neo Nazis for the 88 Precepts by Davis Lane, an influential Neo-nazi
Used in graffiti, writing and in speech or any other forms of communication such as
Skinhead 1: "88 my brother"
Skinhead 2: "Heil Hitler my brother"
by G_Ram May 29, 2007
To kill someone who has pissed you off. Especially if it's an ex.
Man that MOFO really pissed me off...I am gonna 88 his azz
by Inconsiderate starfish June 18, 2013
A good year to pet miniature schnauzer puppies and play a brand new 8-bit.
Also a good year to build a fort and watch Beetlejuice.
"Man, dude, sometimes i just wish it was '88. Know what I'm sayin' Jake Bo?
by ThE LaTe JC March 24, 2005
when two people lick each other's butts at the same time. A dirty 88 is when you don't shower first.
Last night I convinced my boyfriend to 88 with me. It was pretty hot.
by cousin time April 16, 2010
A code term used all around the world to say "Heil Hitler." 88 stands for HH, which in turn stands for "Heil Hitler." This phrase refers to the time during the 1940's when Adolf Hitler ruled Germany as a totalitarian ruler. Hitler proposed the Holocaust, which killed over approximately 6 million Jewish citizens of the German Empire and also was a significant reason for WWII. Hitler later killed himself after WWII and lost a significant amount of his power and economic wealth during the Treaty of Versailles. This phrase is most commonly used by Skin Heads and current Nazis all around the world.

"Dude 88!"
"Heil Hitler!"
"OH YA! fuck yes!!"
by EthanChrist April 21, 2010
the number 88 stands for the 8th letter of the alphabet "H". So 88 would mean HH. And HH stands for heil hitler. This usually goes hand in hand with the 14 words which are " we must secure the existance of our people and a future for white children."
with 88 kisses and 14words of love our passion flashing lightning bolts like odins up above, just hail high and hard and ill know where you are my little julie little julie swastika.
by NSwarrior August 11, 2006
WW2 German 88milmeter antiaircraft gun which doubled as ground artillary and especially efective anti tank gun
Feared by allied forces.
We gotta knock out that 88 its killin our boys.
by jake smith May 26, 2004
We have all been asked the question the age old, manhood question, "give" or "get" a rim job. This is the product when both parties perform at the same time, a 69 that is reveresed and performed with the buttholes of each individual.

Basically a rim-job induced 69. A lovely mix of scent and pleasure.
"hey Martha, would you like a 69 tonight?"

"How about we skip the 69 and go all the way for the 88??"
by Slammin Sam and Juicy Jon August 31, 2008

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