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1. To "wear the pants" in a relationship is to be the person in charge of the relationship, whether that being the man or the woman, even though it is usually the man.
1. Jane "Bitch, go do the laundry"
Derek "No!"
Jane "Do it, I wear the pants in this relationship!"
Derek *sigh* "Oi doggy, Ill go do it"
by EthanChrist March 28, 2010
1. A term used to describe a vagina which is abnormally loose; an untight pussy

2. A "disease" where the vagina is untight

Bill: "Dude I totally screwed Jill last night"
Bob: "How was it?"
Bill: "It sucked, she has vaginaclunkinitis"
Bob: "Damn that sucks"
by EthanChrist March 10, 2010
1. A term used to replace the word "damn girl"

2. Can be used to get a persons attention.

3. Used as an expression when the speaker is under pressure

4. Used as a phrase to call females

1. "Oi doggy, she is fine!"

2. "Hey Josie!" ... no response... "Oi doggy!" "Oh hey Brad!"

3. "Oi doggy this test is hard!"

4. "Oi doggy" "Oh hey Brad!"
by EthanChrist January 19, 2010
A term to describe a black asian. If the asian is half black and half asian, or just extremely tan, you can call them this. This term was derived from Jackie Chan, who is a famous asian actor. In a short period (circa 1990-2000) of Jackie Chan's life, he was incredibly tan. During this period of time, Chan would get called Blackie Chan nearly everyday by his peers, family, and close friends. Chan reports that he does not approve of this saying, but at the same time, he was very dark so it fit him. With this being said, the term Blackie Chan has grown from not only Chan, but to all dark asians all around the world. If you are a tan asian, do not be offended by this word. It is only stating the truth.

Another word that you can call a dark asian is a Chinegro.

Chung Woo "Hey Keerff!"
Keith "Holy shit Blackie Chan, you are fucking tan!"
Chung Woo "I row, I rust rome from Parific."
Keith "What?"
Chung Woo "Parific."
Keith "Idk what the fuck you are saying."
by EthanChrist April 29, 2010
1. A god from the tale "The Epic of Gilgamesh." In this pre-bible religious scripture, Utanapishtim helps Gilgamesh change from human into an immortal god.

2. Most commonly referred to as the Utana Island 'Pishtims. This NFL franchise has won 10 Super Bowls in 9 seasons. In the co-management and co-owner switch, the Utana 'Pishtims changed their name to the Utana Island 'Pishtims. They play out of Utana Island (next to British Columbia) and have a stadium that seats 19,000,000 fans.

3. King of Utana Island. Utanapishtim is the ruler of the whole land.

1. "Dude have you read the "Epic of Gilgamesh"?"
"Ya man, Utanapishtim is totally dope."

2. "I can't wait to go to the Utana 'Pishtim game tonight. Its going to be so fun!"

3. "All hail King Utanapishtim!"
by EthanChrist April 09, 2010

1. A term used to describe a very bad goaltender

2. A life style.

1. Jack "Damn, that goalie let in 10 goals in 5 minutes"
Derek " I know, what a freaking sivvvvv"

2. Ethan "Sivvv! I love you"
Austin "Oi doggy, I love you too!"
Ethan "Hows Brooke?"
Austin "Fuck you sivvv"
by EthanChrist March 15, 2010
A code term used all around the world to say "Heil Hitler." 88 stands for HH, which in turn stands for "Heil Hitler." This phrase refers to the time during the 1940's when Adolf Hitler ruled Germany as a totalitarian ruler. Hitler proposed the Holocaust, which killed over approximately 6 million Jewish citizens of the German Empire and also was a significant reason for WWII. Hitler later killed himself after WWII and lost a significant amount of his power and economic wealth during the Treaty of Versailles. This phrase is most commonly used by Skin Heads and current Nazis all around the world.

"Dude 88!"
"Heil Hitler!"
"OH YA! fuck yes!!"
by EthanChrist April 21, 2010
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