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a drink known as a flaming nazi as well as a screaming nazi. they are both drinks created by national socialists. a flaming nazi is. while a screaming nazi is .
beer nazi beer nazi have a nazi shotzie, beer beer beer beer beer beer beer seig heil!

yes bartender ill have a nazi shotzie!
by NSwarrior August 08, 2006
the number 88 stands for the 8th letter of the alphabet "H". So 88 would mean HH. And HH stands for heil hitler. This usually goes hand in hand with the 14 words which are " we must secure the existance of our people and a future for white children."
with 88 kisses and 14words of love our passion flashing lightning bolts like odins up above, just hail high and hard and ill know where you are my little julie little julie swastika.
by NSwarrior August 11, 2006
a bald punk with leftist ideals that dresses like a real skinhead but is antiracist. They make absolutely no sense and do not stand for anything. They like to gang up on people in fights and talk alot of shit to real skinheads. These punks are the scum of the earth and will be eliminated soon.
theres nothing quite as worthless as a sharp skin.
by NSwarrior August 08, 2006

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