A numeric symbol representing the life of T-Dub, a legend among men. Derived from the word big, 819 was accidentally created by a young mexican named A-Train who was vandalizing his friends' bedroom. He was trying to write BIG T on the wall therby giving T-Dub the props he deserved, but instead he wrote 819, because of his poor grammer and drunken state. T-Dub used 819 as his trademark party animal name for a few years after its initial discovery. 819 has risen to everlasting greatness since the passing of the great T-Dub in May 2002.
Hey B -Vice, we should add on to our 819 tatoos.
by ThE LaTe JC March 23, 2005
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similar to 88 (Heil Hitler)
819 is the number of Grammar Nazis. (Heil Spellcheck)
8 being the H and 19 being the S.
Buddy: Who are you going with to the dance?
Guy: Whom.
Buddy: What?
Guy: WHOM are you going with to the dance?
Buddy: Grammar Nazi.
Guy: 819!!
by Giovanni Mann March 19, 2009

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