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An emoticon used on instant messaging sites to show nerdiness, people who are self confident can also use it on themselves, to almost send themselves up.

The 8 is meant to signify glasses
Person: Tonight I'm going to watch the entire Series 2 of Doctor Who 8-|
by Shabbers July 31, 2008
13 9
A symbol to represent balls to the wall
Whatever you want to do as long as it's 8|
by qnix February 15, 2006
15 20
An expressing used in IM chat to be read as an emoticon rolling its eyes.
Friend 1: Waaaa! I have this Huge zit on my noze!!!! ;((((

Friend 2: 8-| Shut up, no one wants to hear you bitch about it.
by Makes Fun Of YOU July 27, 2008
3 17