A number.
Bob: How old are you?
Ferdinand: I'm 8 years old!
by xspinningisfun December 22, 2009
The most symmetrical number of all. No matter how you split it, it will be symmetrical.
Kid: What are you two doing out here? Aren't you late?
Soul: School starts at 7, it's 10, technically you're late too.
Kid: Don't say 7!
Soul: What?
Kid: Say 8! 8 is the perfect number. Symmetrical in all ways.

-Soul Eater episode 6
by asdfpeanutasdf June 26, 2010
8 is the answer every engineer gives when he has no friggin' idea of the solution to a problem.
Jack: So how many newtons did you find for question four?
Will: 8.
by failedmyfirstyear July 09, 2009
Only used in instant messaging which means "bye" (almost the same pronunciation of 8(eight) in chinese which is "ba")
A: ok im going to take dinner, bye
B: 8
by mpt April 29, 2008
Dale Earnhardt Jr's Budweiser Chevy's Car Number.
Damn, nobody can come close to the 8 car at Daytona!
by CorporationX December 07, 2004

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