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Texting shortcut for oral sex.
#oral sex #texting shortcut #sexting #blow job #suck me off
by Michael894 November 07, 2010
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Infinity lying down, taking a nap. It needs to take a rest every once in a while so it can properly function as being the most kick-ass concept of all time.
Dave: Is that an 8?

Sam: No, look closer. Infinity's taking a snooze.

(Dave moves closer to take a clearer look)

Sam: Not that close, you insolent fuck!
#eight #infinity #horizontal #nap #rotated
by Urban Dictionarion January 23, 2012
actually 9
fuck 8
#9 #nine #eight #8 #n9ne
by 9group November 14, 2012
The ordinal number '8' is often used in place of the phonemes that would make the sound 'ate' in written English.
I say 'often', I actually mean 'often (by bumpers)'
The habit could have originally developed among linux {fucktard]s in chatrooms, or 14 year old scrubbers text messaging on mobile phones. Either that or from 'old-school' rave act Altern8 (still DJ-ing in and around Stoke-on-Trent, kids!)
Whichever way you look at it, it looks shit and dosn't make you look cool.
"C U L8R M8!!!!!"

"He was a sk8r boi..."

"I'd rather menstru8 a ten ton w8 than write in such an illiter8 way, dude."
by Stooo March 21, 2003
The new emoticon I came up with like 65 seconds ago.

The 8 is the eyes, and the period is the mouth, giving a blank, or more of a surprised, shocked expression.
Guy1: DUDE! I just won a million dollars.
Guy2: 8. Woah.

Guy1: DUDE! I just did your mom!
Guy2: 8.
#emotion #8. #8d #smiley #aim #irc
by Petey Mik February 29, 2008
The height a dick has to be in order to go on certain rides.
Hey you're not 8!
#eight #number #sexual #dick #length #girth #math #yaw
by mavurbster May 19, 2014
A number between 7 and 9. It has no other purpose. Sorry.
"My favorite number is 8!" said jimmy
" Ur a fag m8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
by Khaos Reign March 03, 2016
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