Minor/Under age girl (seven to twenty years)
you better watch it with that 720 right there
by Maxamillion Banks October 06, 2003
Top Definition
Used by Black Gangster Disciples (BGD) to represent haveing pure black and blue hearts. Meaning to be a full BGD. (black and blue are the colors of BGD)
The BGD's on this block can all be considered to be 720, by me.
by CD April 06, 2003
When someone grabs anothers balls and sqeezes them and turns them to a 720 ripping the nuts from the others body
Hey that girl just 720ed her ex boyfriend
by The man at lwca May 21, 2012
7th world 2 nations,orginization
by face October 31, 2003
Said when something good or sweet happens between two people.
"Hey ____, we have a 720!"
by you wish you knew July 28, 2004
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