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7 words is a song by KCMO rapper Tech N9ne. The song off the album: Killer, is about when a girl gave Tech a blow job with warm water in her mouth (A waterloo). The 7 words are as follows: "Love It When You Suck My Dick" a common misconception is that it is "I Love It When You Suck My Dick" but that is incorrect because with the "I" it becomes 8 words. The song features rappers Snug Brim and Krizz Kaliko.
Girl: Hey want a bj?


Girl: Want it 7 words style?

Guy: Hell yes! Baby you know i want it 7 words style!

Guy: *gasps* Shit!! Fuck!! Love It When You Suck My Dick!
by the hyyerr one April 26, 2011
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Only the best techno beat ever. Done by the famous band that goes by the name of 'The Flaming Gila Monsters of Death'. flaming gila monsters of death (without the spaces, only put them in because there was an error about a word being over 40 characters long). Check it out!
Person A: Have you heard FGMOD's new song called 7 Words? Its effin sick!

Person B: Nah man, I haven't yet. I'm going to go listen to it right now at flaming gila monsters of death !
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