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A time set to the practice of 'dabbing' or vaporizing pure marijuana concentrated oils known as BHO or butane honey oil. 7:10 on a digital clock upside down (old hedd pager codes) spells OIL. As opposed to 4:20 which is the act of smoking marijuana flowers, 7:10 is using an Eclipse Vape device, a oil-dome or a vapor/hash skillet to vaporize the prized oils on contact
710 on 7/10 at 7:10

i 7:10'd and forgot where i put it
by WWEntity July 11, 2011
7:10 Is an easier term for telling someone you will pick them up in the morning before school. Most commonly communicated with a text message.
This term is especially useful when your parents won't allow you to pick up your friend, but yet you do it anyway.
It is used with a friend who you regularly give rides to, to school.
It is a common phrase in the suburban Cincinnati area, and is catching on in other cities.
Amber: hey, 7:10?
Jessie: 7:10!
by AmBZ/StiLTZ February 25, 2010
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