Seven grams of rocks that you bang, when you do so you are winning.
Charlie Sheen - "I was bangin 7 gram rocks, that's how I roll - winning"
by Citrovc4 March 11, 2011
Top Definition
Something that Charlie Sheen bangs when he is not banging hookers. Sometimes he bangs 7 gram rocks and hookers simultaneously. Apparently it is enough cocaine to kill two and a half men.
I was banging 7 gram rocks and finishing 'em, cause that's how I roll.
by The Queenslander March 05, 2011
Enough to kill two and a half men.
"I was on 7 gram rocks, that's how I roll - winning".
by Nooboob September 10, 2011
Charlie Sheen Bangs along with pornstars, hookers, callgirls and 3rd rate bikini models. Key ingredients for Winning.
Did you see the video where Charlie Sheen bangs a 7 gram rock then a bunch of whores. It was fucked up.
"Gimme my goddesses and a 7 gram rock and watch me Bang brother! Winning!" - Charlie Sheen.
by 5 Star Bob March 08, 2011
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