Its like a regular 69. Only in a 67 the man has no legs.
Hey your a moderatly attractive woman and I'm a moderatly attractive man with no legs. Lets 67 :P
by Montyjs June 07, 2006
Top Definition
A state of resentment toward your partner when you try a 69 twice, and twice they fart in your face.
Man, after those two 69's I can't handle it 67 more times
by KBK January 23, 2005
When a 69 is in progress, and only one half of the couple receives fulfillment, a 67 is declared as a promise for future payment.
Sorry for the 67, You do me, and I'll do you later
by sam90 July 04, 2006
Finger in the butt-hole.
Hey mom, I totally 67'd my girlfriend on the bus.
by the-hammer December 21, 2009
A slut, a term you call slutty looking girls you see in public or especially at a hotel. Or just sluts you know. The word came from some tricks hotel room number, now used to describe them all.
Jbone went looking for that 6-7 we saw chilling at the pool.
by Braden1972 April 09, 2008
Sex position-67 (Louisiana Style)

Sixty seven is a sexual foreplay game and tease position, that puts the top partner Male or female in control of the action.

1. The bottom partner man/female lays down on the bed with hands by his/her side.
2. The top partner mounts the bottom partner in a position that looks like sixty nine.
3. The top partner starts the action by giving the bottom partner head, as the top partner gets more into it she/he will start rubbing their genitals all over the bottom partner's face, including his/her chin, mouth, bridge of the nose and forehead.
4. The partner on the bottom, most not move or open his/her mouth to try give the other partner head.
5. When the person on top stops giving head(takes a brief break), the person on the bottom is free to use his hands, mouth or tongue anyway he/she wants until the top person resumes his/her action, by giving the bottom partner head again. When the bottom person feels the head resume, he/she most stop what they are doing.
6. The top person controls how long the tease part of the foreplay goes on. If the tops person gets tired, she/he can give in by placing a towel and pillow over the bottom person's genitals. When this happens, the bottom person is free to give his/her partner head until the top person orgasms or can't take it no more.
7. You can make more interesting by beting something for the winner, bet whatever you like.
I played 67 with my girl last night and lost, but it was fun. Now I have to wash her car every Friday for two months. I plan on winning next time, lol.
by PhotoDude007 October 15, 2015
Similar to a 69, except that one person is ass-to-mouth.
"I went to the chiropractor to get my disc realigned the day after I was 67'd."
by jurassictodd August 08, 2008

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