666 The number of the devil according to Revelations 13. Made known to many people after the film "The Omen" was released. Also in hebrew every number had a subsequent letter and 6 = w therefore some people believe that the internet is the Devils tool.

Some &&GOOOFFFIIIKKK__SLIYMYFUCKINGWRISTS__X kids write it EVERYWHERE to appear cool when really thay appear stupid and amazingly silly as they probably go to church with their mum every Sunday
Friend: Hey, see that kid with the 666 on its backback, jumper, trousers and forehead?

Me: Yea man.

Friend: Did he just get eaten by a doberman?

Me: Yea man. Lets go get munch.
by GLITTERLOVE October 27, 2005
In Christianity, the mark representing satan. The 6 represents a sperm pointing down (towards hell), there a three of them, due to the fact that the number of letters between the "e" in the word "sex" and the "i" in the word "six" is three (being fgh).
This has the implication for males that a lust for sex will turn you into an evil bastard just like the rest of us.
It is interesting that 666 has been around longer than the microscope and knowledge of sperm!
And the number of the beast is 666.
by Radar O'Reilly March 02, 2006
The Devils Number!!
Praise Santan shit head
666 in the tool shed.
by guro October 20, 2007
The number of the beast!
Hell and fire, was sworn to be released!
by Iron eddie July 02, 2005
The Devil's area code (from an old Exorcist parody on Saturday Night Live)
by Anonymous January 17, 2003
Some number that Christians chose as Satan's number. Why that particular number when they can use 43 or 127,8153 instead is something I want to know.
666? Maybe Christians just get orgasmic over the number 6 or something.
by Anonymous September 08, 2003
Commonly beleived to be the number of the beast/devil. Wrong, the supposed number of the beast is 61616. it was shortened by some people, can't remember what group of people did it though, archiolygists maybe, but it was like 3000 years ago
Member of iron maiden "i'm in a shit band, and we just wrote a shit song called 'Number of the Beast' and its all about the number 666"

Me "well tough titties, you suck, and your song lyrics are wrong"
by 666Ninja June 05, 2007

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