When you get a little bit of this, with a little bit of that.
Dude1: "hey dude, i got 63 coming my way."
Dude2: "let me in on that."
by Lumbuxia October 20, 2009
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A slang way of saying down syndrome, usually used to insult someone. Derived from the fact that down syndrome is caused by 3, 21 chromosomes.
Wow, just look at connor, that kid fails so much he gotta be a 63
by katana90 March 30, 2011
A sexual position similar to 69. In 63, the girl is on top, and instead of giving the guy head while he eats her out, she lets him titty fuck her. The outline of her boobs is like the number 3.
Girl #1: wow did you 69 him last night?
Girl #2: nah i was feeling a little lazy so we did some 63.
by nameisusedbysomeoneelse_lame July 14, 2010
Refers to a tricked out (luxury) 63 chevy impala from the west coast with nice hydraulics.
My Man be rolling down the avenue in his 63 every night.
by Amy9999 July 09, 2006
average length (in inches) of an Irish penis. Not to be confused with the average 5.3" of a central European dick
My 6.3" Irish dick is more of a womb knocker than Sal's 5.3" tickler
by Jake January 10, 2004
having sex in the ear
i went 63 with her last night
by itzbrickbitch June 03, 2011
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