slang term for crazy
yo that mark ass trick is all 6's and 7's nigga for real. hand me my ratchet and let me ice this fool right now!
by real mikey mike June 28, 2007
Top Definition
The phrase, to be at 6's and 7's implies that you are at a loss, or in a state of ineptitude where you cannot reliably take acton.

The saying originates from a situation in 1327 and relates to the Guilds of Tradesmen in the City of London. The Merchant Taylors and the Skinners were founded within a few days of each other, five other Guilds having already received their charters. The age of each Guild dictated its position in the Lord Mayor's procession. The Merchant Taylors and the Skinners argued for fifty years as to which should go sixth in the procession. In the end, Sir Robert Billesden, the current Lord Mayor, decreed that they should take it in turns to go sixth and seventh.
Their defense was in utter shambles. They couldn't do anything right. They were at 6's and 7's.
by Trevor St. Clair October 09, 2011
crazy,insane,acts strangly (stated in "Goldmember")
kristi: my grandma was transfered into an insane asylm!!!

me: i always new she was 6s and 7s
by KrisDee Knut June 30, 2008
according to tech nine all 6s and 7s means ur fucking crazy
i think johnny has gone all 6s and 7s
by thtskylineguy August 08, 2011
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