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A 1962 Chevy Impala. Highly sought after for hydraulic hopping.
Me and my homies bounce in the 6 Deuce, when I was locked up I couldn't wait to get loose.(Snoop Dog)
#hopper #impala #hydos #lowrider #car
by D.Mitch March 25, 2007
Name given for the larger of the 2 super luxurious mercedes Maybach models. Given because unlike its smaller model the 57 the Maybach 62 is much longer like a limo
i got that 6 deuce with curtains and i didnt even have to put rims on it
#six deuce #62 #six duece #six two #maybach 62
by gregspeezy December 07, 2007
A mazda 626
Check out that 6 Deuce!
by Faygo October 05, 2003
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