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area code for no-town (fresno), cali
did u say that she from tha 559?
by MIZZ LALA May 27, 2006
Central Cali. Known for its large population of Hispanics; also for the large percentage of hos, sluts, bros, drugs, dropouts, homie hoppers, etc. A place where people in their 20s' believe its cool to party with high school kids. In the south valley, high school kids throw parties in fields and drink cheap beer; they think they're cool because their parties get raided before it even begins.
boy:"aye where you from?"

girl:"559, aint shit there."
by homiehopper559 January 27, 2008
The time a heart starter touches your lips and rips up your insides. Usually followed by a 609.
Mark! Fuck off! It's not 559 yet and this tastes like shit.
by raygun83 July 23, 2011