The number of Wiccans, their official symbol (the pentacle) having 5 points, 5 letter "A"s, and 5 lines (minus the circle). This is in contrast to 666 and 777. 111 is 1/5 of 555, 1/6 of 666, and 1/7 of 777. Also can be pressed in a chat room if you're into that sort of thing.

Did I remember to mention that there's 5 elements too? Earth, Air, Water, Fire, and Spirit.
A Witch's sacred number is 555, a Satanist's 666, and a Christian's number would be 777.

Press 555 if you're Pagan.
#pentagram #pentacle #pentalpha #witch #wicca #circle
by Braveheart's thirst for blood March 21, 2007
Top Definition
Thai for "hahaha"
he kuy 555~
by kvy~ April 11, 2003
dominos pizza deal. 3 mediums for 5 each
i got da 555 at dominoz!!
#pizza #food #yum #three #good
by A000032138916 March 16, 2006
Alternate version of lol or "hahaha" in online or text conversation, usually with someone who speaks Thai. The Thai word for 5 is pronounced "ha", so three of them would be pronounced "hahaha"
Guy texting woman in Thailand: Did you go to the doctor and get that rash on your cooch checked out?

Bar girl reply: Yes, docter say boom boom now, ok.

Guy's reply: Come over then. And don't forget your sister, 555.
by Thailand Dan August 11, 2005
Numbers used in movies, television, magazines . . ect. as the first three characters in a phone number so as not to promote stalkers who would otherwise actually call that number.
"Hey, call Tom Cruise at 555-6969."
by Randi® April 01, 2004
A British imported brand of cigarettes that are mostly smoked by Asian OGs (old guys/original gangsters/etc.), particularly Vietnamese OGs on the West Coast. Most second generation younger Asians smoke menthols or lights. Triple-5's are also smoked by "fobs" (fresh off the boat immigrants who don't speak english).
"Triple-555s? What are you, fifty? Now you're ganna tell me you drink Heinekin. Fuck beer."
"Let's go to Q-Cup and drink pearl tea and smoke menthols."
"Yeah, Linh's smoking triple-5s now. She's always hanging around the fobs now. What a fob-wannabe."
#555 #menthol #lights #marlboro #marlboro menthol lights #cigarettes #fob #q-cup #pearl tea #og
by TuanTuan October 31, 2005
An Integrated Circuit(IC), cased in an 8-pin DIP(Dual Inline Package), commonly used as a timer or a simple frequency generator.
I need to replace the faulty 555 in the timer
by [c0x0r] January 14, 2005
the equvilant of "hahaha" in english used by thai ppl online. In Thai "ha" means 5. Thus, hahaha = 555
Thai Person 1: hey ::insert a funny joke::
Thai Person 2: 555555
by Ayda May 04, 2003
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