1) The police
2) A skateboard grind manuever in "manual" or "wheelie" position
1) It's the 5-0! Dump out your beer.
2) He fucking switch-flip 5-0 grinded the Hubba ledge and popped it off clean.
by Spit Blood April 15, 2003
the police, cops, FBI what ever. the person who comes to bust you
"oh shit its the 5-0"
by matt March 11, 2004
One of the best engines ever made by Ford. Can be found in Mustangs and the like.
That 92 Mustang LX has a 5.0 in it.
by eightyfour February 28, 2004
The police, A Squad Car, Uniformed Officer.
"5-0 nugga, Double-Up"
by Tha Bean December 03, 2003
the cops
Pronounced: five-oh
"Hey you've got a five-o", meaning, "Hey the cops are watching you."
by Nathar Leichoz May 31, 2003
Most commonly used to refer to Police Officers/detectives or anyone associated with law enforcement. Origins date back to an early 1970’s television series titled “Hawaii Five O”. Detectives on this show were assigned to a special unit (Five O) and were savvy, aggressive and always apprehended the suspect. Much like the character “Daisy Duke” from the Dukes of Hazard television series whose short shorts spawned a once popular clothing trend with women very effeminate men, the term 5 0 too has transcended television to urban slang.
1. Say man. The block is hot so we goin to post up at Man Man’s cause 5 0 ain’t lettin a mother fucker make no mony here.
2. 5 0 came and took my baby daddy cause his P.O say he had weed in his pee and he on paper.
by a.g.c. June 03, 2007
Term commonly used to quickly alert a house full of underage, intoxicated party goers that the cops have showed up and to exit the property via the back fence, or to let your crazed friend driving to know a cop is around and to slow it down.
Oh crap man, 5-0 hide the weed, quick drink the rest of the keg.
by ImportDayz December 23, 2002
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