n. Name for an illegal wrestling move (usu. performed by females) in which one who has no means of escaping the hold of another wrestler, so instead places their hand on opponents testicles and crushes them.
"She challenged me to a wrestling match and I almost had her pinned till she pulled the old 5-on-2..."
by JB November 13, 2003
Top Definition
Originating in Wrestling teams where some dirty wrestlers would grab your two nuts with their 5 fingers, creating the shortened 5 on 2
5 on 2 = no fun for anybody
by hawk April 02, 2005
A fantastic office game; the object of which is to clandestinely strike your opponents two testicles with your five fingers.

There is no more ancient and respected game than punching some guy in the nuts.
Kris is in the bathroom throwing up. We were playing 5 on 2 and I squared him.
by SpaceCoyote April 14, 2004
wrestling term/ move when you are about to lose a match, you get 5 fingers on 2 balls
wrestler,your down with 12 seconds left. you can use the head and arm or 5 on 2
by Wrestler112 March 15, 2009
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