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4x2, pronounced 4 by 2, is a slang name for a Jew. Not sure if its 'official' Cockney rhyming slang, but it does rhyme. Also sometimes just the 4 is used, as again in Cockney rhyming slang the phrase can be shortened to just the first word.
"Typical tight-fisted 4x2"

"Of course he didn't get a round in, he's a 4!"
by NZBB May 28, 2009
14 8
an adjective to describe something as very cool or 'soild' (pun on the plank of wood).
Man, that was so 4x2, know what im sayin'?
by 4x2 champ May 17, 2011
2 6
A vehicle with four wheels, of which two deliver driving power, such as a rear-wheel-drive pickup truck.
Joe's 4x2 has less off-road capability than Jim's 4x4, but gets better mileage.
by Komitadjie November 26, 2006
8 12
2 less than 4x4, see Todd Ekonen for more details
Todd knows what the 4 in 4x2 means.
by Anonymous October 02, 2003
4 14