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The name given to the United States' P-38 fighter aircraft, which saw service in all theaters of WWII. The aircraft was a twin-boom, twin-engine design that gave superior climb rate and speed. Standard armament was four .50 caliber machine guns, and one 20mm cannon, all mounted in the nose ahead of the cockpit. Additionally, bombs, rockets, and fuel tanks could be carried on pylons under the wings.
You will have three Lightnings available for air cover.
by Komitadjie November 26, 2006
The strike pattern used to hit targets with nuclear weapons from over the north pole. Such a strike would hit the southernmost targets first, moving from east to west, then hit the next series of targets to the north from west to east. From overhead the hits would appear to make the rungs of a ladder, giving rise to the name. This kind of strike is used with nuclear munitions to prevent warhead fratricide.
The SIOP calls for a ladder-north against their southern defenses.
by Komitadjie November 26, 2006
The pattern used in delivery of a series of weapons, usually explosive. Also can be used in terms of an aircraft to describe an attack that comes in at very low level at high speed to deliver a string of bombs that land in a line.
The Strike Eagles will come in hot to make a laydown across their front lines, then we hit them while they are rattled.
by Komitadjie November 26, 2006
A vehicle with four wheels, of which two deliver driving power, such as a rear-wheel-drive pickup truck.
Joe's 4x2 has less off-road capability than Jim's 4x4, but gets better mileage.
by Komitadjie November 26, 2006
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