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for your eyes only. just for your eyes
This picture was made 4yeo.
by neeeeyc October 13, 2007
"For your eyes only"
When a person wants to show you something that isn't for others to see via webcam...usually that person is a girl:)
Boy: "I'm so horny right now. Please show your boobs."
Girl shows him her boobs and plays a bit with them and then writes down: "4YEO."
by _Shibby_ October 14, 2007
Means "For Your Eyes Only".
My body is 4YEO.
This gift is 4YEO.
by mr. static October 15, 2007
Meaning: For your eyes only.
This document is categorized 4YEO

or a cheerleader having thongs with 4YEO sign written over them
by kekkec October 10, 2007
It means:
For your eyes only
This is 4yeo ---> (.)(.)
by TheNameIsNotImportant October 12, 2007
In geek language means "for your eyes only".
(Over the net)
Man: Oh girl, take that shirt of!
Girl: Ok, but 4yeo
by Sapra October 07, 2007