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Smoking a bowl and then doing 69 is 489!

Write it on school desks and bathroom stalls, on your hand too....
My 489 sesh was so rad dewd, we smoked so many bowls, got so high, and her pussy was so wet she got off on my face then i came in her mouth!
by Lustrenoir April 20, 2008
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combination of 2 activities. smoking weed (getting high) and having sex.

origin of this recent slang comes from
489 = 420 + 69
*if you don't know what 69 or 420 means search it on urban dictionar
"I was at a party and met awesome girl we did 489 and it was so good"
"My favourite type of sex is 489"
"Last saturday me and my girlfriend did 489 it was best sex we ever gad"
by NeSsQQuiCk January 27, 2016

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