its the best time of day
chops its 420 where the hell are you?!
by dakfairykyz March 25, 2011
The official day of Marijuana.
On 420 I'll smoke like a chimney!
by R@afy-RJ.BRASA! April 20, 2010
420 is the name given to pretty thieves, tricksters or frauds in the Indian Subcontinent. This originates from the fact that Section 420 of the Indian Penal Code deals with cheating related crimes. It finds reference in the title of the Bollywood movie 'Shree 420'.
Some 420 made off with my coffee while I was in the restroom.

Father to daughter: I'll not let you marry that 420.
by vibubhav February 28, 2009
An oustanding sailboat, used for recreational purposes and racing.
Damn, that's a hot 420.
Let's go sail some 420s.
by Maida May 06, 2006
the temperature at which weed vaporizes, a code word to smoke weed, and the date which is national weed day.
yo 420
the vape is at 420
its 4/20 lets get fucked up
by jatgm1 April 26, 2014
a word used to express the time or date in which you will meet up and smoke a whole fucking shitload of marijuana with all of your friends.
Also a holiday held on April 20 where everyone in the worlds celebrates the fact that they are raging potheads.
Hey Waylon, Happy 420....see you at 420 to smoke that dizzank.
by Trent April 20, 2004
420 means national weed smoking day, also it is a number between 419 421.
Man 1: Hey dude, its 420 today!
Man 2: Uh what's 420?
Man 1: The fourth month twentieth day.
Man 2: What? April 20th is 420?
Man 1: Ya its national weed smoking day.
by The real Samuel June 02, 2012

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