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The act of making many typos whilst talking via IM, email, or text.
PERSON ONE: AJAAJJAAJ. i din'tn ven knowtice.

PERSON TWO: what? what just happened to you?

PERSON ONE: i think i just had a grammar stroke...
by kellycakes March 11, 2010
The number silly, little teenagers talk about for days upon days, but do not get high when April twentieth is finally here.

April twentieth is also Adolf Hitler's birthday. This day is not commonly known as "420" when referred to Hitler's birthday, though.

There is belief that "420" is the police code for a "drug bust," but it is not. There are no codes for a "drug bust," only "drug deal," which is code "966."
April 18th:

MySpace status: omfgzzz! 420 iz amlost here, yadigg?!

Facebook status: cant wait till 420 mofoo!

Twitter status: 420 in TW0 dayzz!!!

April 19th:

MySpace status: 420 tmrw!!! :D

Facebook status: cant wait til tamorra gunna get blazeddd!

Twitter status: almst 420! blazed tmrw mutha fucka!

April 20th:

MySpace status: im so bored ne1 wanna hng out??

Facebook status: nuttin to do 2day. wanna chill?

Twitter status: lets hang out dood.
by kellycakes April 18, 2010

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