Hitlers Birthday, and a day to celebrate the fact that a bunch of hippies over in Cali made 420 their high time code...
Dude! Party on 4/20 for Hitler, bring the pot!!!
by hitler April 22, 2005
april,20th..the day that colombine got shot up..
the trench coat mafia shot up the school on 420. lets all get blazed.
by the mighty mighty s.a.c September 25, 2004
National Smoke Out Day, and Hitlers Birthday, and Senior Skip day at Middleburg High... go figure
everyone plans to smoke out and tell all on 420
by Krazy April 23, 2004
The day each year, April Twentieth, that potheads get together to share the love, I mean, weed. IT is also a time of day, AM or PM a person smokes out.
"Hey, I'm gonna smoke a reefer at 4:20 PM today because it's April 20th."
by Shirley Mary Jane Marley August 03, 2003
Enough said...to all you stonerz out there...u know wut I'm talkin bout...Itz the best time of the day mayn...the only thang that we remember we say...
So yea...ROCK on potheadz...
other than light it up and take a puff...you can never get stoned to much...or puff puff pass...or ne one got grass...or I need to get high...I smoke weed everyday no lie.
Herez one for ya...I made it up ehen I wuz stoned...
I wuz here but now I not...
I'm in my room smoking pot...
I'm telling you this message to prove a point...
Life meanz nothin without a joint...
FUCK YEA MAYN...so party hard...
and smoke a LOT a WEED
by Chickshady420 January 28, 2003
marijuana-"get high"
by bruce s. December 14, 2001
my favorite holiday.

pot day. YEAH.

only downside is its also:
national sxe kids bitchfest day.
420. highh all dayyy CHEA.
by highallthetime April 20, 2006

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