Fine seasoned poultry, AKA the best thing you can possibly eat. Nothing can beat a batch of hot Tyson chicken breaded and spiced to the max. Also refers to a bag of cocaine, which can be whipped and sold for enough to get three pounds of purp, or of course it can be smoked or snorted to get a high similar to that of marijuana.
1: "Dog I just hit this kush and i feel like a statue now" 2: "Yo want some of my hershey bar?" 1: "Hell yeah i do!" (He eats the chocolate bar, then goes into his friend's living room. 5 minutes later, he smelled some chicken cooking, and when it was finished he waited two more minutes then charged into the kitchen and ate the chicken). 1: "Damn dis chicken almost tastes like pussy" In a matter of milliseconds, the entire bowl of chicken was gone. 2: ??? Wtf man!? 1: "Nigga, i had the munchies man! And dat chicken reminded me of eating a girl out!" 2: "Now i know why my girl came back home last night with dat stain all ova her booty shorts" 1: Uh oh. (That nigga must have been coppin some 420 Chicken and snorted it up to do something so haneous like that)
by ogdajuiceman June 13, 2010

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