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A not-so-bright invention in which 4 vehicles must come to a stop because they're apparently incapable of navigating a 2-way stop,usually ending up in a frustrating wait between all of the vehicles for someone to make the first move. Otherwise known as a moron-way stop.
What's with these moronic 4-Way Stop signs in PA? In NJ we're perfectly capable of navigating the regular 2-way stop.
by JoeNJ2 April 16, 2011
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The area of a woman where the anus, vagina, and two ass cheeks meet. Similar to the grundle. This only applies to the angle of this area during the doggy style position.
Yo man, I was at the 4 way stop and decided to go down to the vag. whaddup!
by naughtypickle July 06, 2010

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