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The acronym for Thrid Strike also known as Street Fighter 3: Third Strike
Hey! How's your 3S skills?
by Barron June 29, 2004
3's are slang term for the pill tylenol 3 w/ codeine, it's a prescription painkiller. It's a white circle tablet that has a big 3 pressed on one side.
3's will take your pain away.
by nigguhplease69 December 05, 2010
1) Shit
2) Shower
3) Shave

The 3S rule. Manly.
Awww man, I'm dying after rugby, gonna have a 3S and head out for a few jars!
by VernDogg December 01, 2007
The shortened version of "skeet skeet skeet". Made famous by Lil Jon & the Eastside Boys.
Mike: Hey G what's poppin'?
Tom: n2m, u?
Mike: Workin'
Tom: Aww 3S!
by fsck November 28, 2007
A three-way sexual interaction involving the intermingling of pimps and biatches.
How about those 3's?
by Lynndizzle July 10, 2008
u need ta stop brinin beef to everyone because one day ur gonna get clap down and it aint gonna be pretty
by ??????????****?????????? November 07, 2003
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