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The acronym for Thrid Strike also known as Street Fighter 3: Third Strike
Hey! How's your 3S skills?
by Barron June 29, 2004
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1) Shit
2) Shower
3) Shave

The 3S rule. Manly.
Awww man, I'm dying after rugby, gonna have a 3S and head out for a few jars!
by VernDogg December 01, 2007
3's are slang term for the pill tylenol 3 w/ codeine, it's a prescription painkiller. It's a white circle tablet that has a big 3 pressed on one side.
3's will take your pain away.
by nigguhplease69 December 05, 2010
The shortened version of "skeet skeet skeet". Made famous by Lil Jon & the Eastside Boys.
Mike: Hey G what's poppin'?
Tom: n2m, u?
Mike: Workin'
Tom: Aww 3S!
by fsck November 28, 2007
A three-way sexual interaction involving the intermingling of pimps and biatches.
How about those 3's?
by Lynndizzle July 10, 2008
u need ta stop brinin beef to everyone because one day ur gonna get clap down and it aint gonna be pretty
by ??????????****?????????? November 07, 2003

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