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it stands for "Not currently engaged in Employment,Education or Training" which represents a weird phenomena in China that the younger generation can't fend themselves even when they are over 30, and they have to live with the allowance from their parents.
A: Sorry to say that, but I belong to the NEET group.
B: It is OK, no worries, just find yourself a 3S lady.
A: Yes, hahaha
by WildInkHeart January 25, 2010
3S lady, on the words, that's say it become old age and didnot get married yet.

The actually meaning : Single, Seventies, and Stuck.

Especially in big city , more and more girls join in the line of 3S Lady. they earn more money .but no time to consider their own feelings and love, and no time to seek their boy friends.

So , the words "3S Lady " is very popular in China.
She finally decide to be a 3s lady.
by WildInkHeart December 06, 2009

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