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A portmanteau of the Nintendo portable systems of the DSi and 3DS. Most commonly used for 3DS/DSi formatted sites (most popular: 3DS/DSiPaint).
(scrolls down page of 3ds page. Look it up.)on his 3DS)
Danny (calls Barry): Hey, yo, man.

Barry(swipes thumb down on his phone on Real Facebook, looking at his profile): What the hell is it, bro?
Danny: You should try on your 3ds browser.
Barry: Why in the fuck would I go there if the real Facebook is better?
Danny: Ah, fuck you anyway. You're scared...
Barry: All right, fine, Goddamn! (logs out of Facebook profile and types in search '')
There. I'm done. You happy now, bitch?

Danny: More happier than a bitch should be.
(the friends are both socializing on 3DSifacebook throughout the afternoon)
by loggerheadman321 April 20, 2013
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