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To flip one's money three ways means to break it into yours, mine, and ours.
Lyrics: Soldier, Destiny's Child
Second Verse: Beyonce
"We like dem boys up top from the BK -BK
Know how to flip that money 3 ways -Three ways"
by UnlikelyPhoenix July 13, 2006
antoher form of sex with three people
hey boys wanna 3-way?
by hottgirl90 April 29, 2004
3 people having sex. See threesome
I had the best 3way last night!
by Robert MacKenzie August 31, 2005
Some kind of food at Skyline, a chili chain in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan, and Florida. They also have a 4-way and a 5-way.
Every time I see the TV ad talking about the "famous 3-way I think dirty things.

A 3-way chili is spaghetti topped with Skyline chili and cheese.

I'm here at college from IN. You can imagine the amusement and confusion that went down when I heard about the 3-way.
by gothfaerie05 April 07, 2006
1. a sexual act involving three people

2. an alternate version of Cincinnati chili
They had a 3-way an made a huge mess of the room.
by The Return of Light Joker March 29, 2008
Having sexual intercourse with 3 people.

Refers to the song "3-Way" by the lonely island.
"I just had a 3 way with two chicks i met in a dark bathroom!"
by MLG Nyan Creature Cat February 19, 2012