Gt a free/3 fk frm ur frnds hsbnd.
#free #gt #frm #ur #frnds
by Hercolena Oliver May 26, 2010
if 2 is company then 3 is a crowd
by Mike Truitt August 06, 2003
The number of the late Dale Earnhardt (a.k.a, the intimidator), the greatest NASCAR driver in histoy.
number 3 will never be forgotton
#dale earnhardt #nascar #legend #earnhardt #intimidator
by herefortheparty27 August 15, 2007
Street Name for Cocaine

The NATO phonetic alphabet assignes code words to the letters in the alphabet,
3 is a representation of the third letter in the alphabet
Which is C
The code word for C in phonetic is Charlie which is also a street name for Cocaine

3 = C = CHARLIE = Cocaine
Hey mate im goin to get some 3 this weekend u want any?
#cocaine #charlie #ching #snort #drugs #coke #code
by AMLT October 29, 2007
3 is the number refering to the first base position on a baseball field. It's also the number of strikes needed to get you out and the number of outs needed to close an inning.
3 strikes You're out!
#baseball #base #first base #strikes #out
by audetje April 19, 2006
Slang for a phone number.

Origin: Trying to hit the Pound Symbol but forgetting to hit "Shift".
Hey girrl, le'me get yo 3!
#pound #digits #number #alex #jimmy
by Greek820 September 12, 2007
Short for doing a 360
I wish I could spin a 3.
by April 27, 2003
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