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the year 2011
im so happy its 2k11....
2k11 is gonna be madness!
by kingmacinchina January 01, 2011
1. Meaning the year 2011

2. A synthetic type of marijuana, sold legally by being called "incense". You can buy it at most convenient stores. It comes in red, green, and black. Also called "k2, or 2k".

3. Another stupid sports video game that guys are obsessed with
1. Guy 1: "Yo dudes!"

Guy 2: "Hey bruh, It's 2k11! No one says that anymore."

2. Guy 1: "Hey guys, I'm running to the store to buy some 2k11. Want some?"
Guy 2: "Yeah man, hit me up with some of that red 2k."

3. Guy: "Hey I'll talk to you later. I'm about to throw down some 2k11 with my boys."
by anonymous55634554 July 18, 2011