A shamless ripoff of 2 girls 1 cup. Use a finger, little gagging, lots of puking, target practice for the eyes.
You see that 2 girls 1 finger vid?

Hell no. The last one scarred me for life.
by Siberwulf December 18, 2007
A video depicting two Asian girls puking on and in each other's mouths. One of them eventually shits into the other one's mouth, and they share a tasty, chocolaty treat. Oh boy.
Man 1: So, I heard you like Asian womens?
Man 2: Why yes, yes I do.
Man 1: Well then, have I got something to show you.
Man 2: What is it?
Man 1: It's this totally awesome video called 2girls1finger. It's epic!
Man 2: Alright, I guess I'll watch it.
*watches the video*
Man 2: Dude... that's not cool.
by Hitochii December 13, 2007
A video that might be possibly worse than 2girls1cup. Now with much grosser poo and throwup.

True story.
by k_wtf November 20, 2007
a clip of 2 asian girls throwing up. Then they are in the "69" position and she shits right into her mouth then they like share it
Hey popken did u see 2girls1finger its pretty nasty
by kshant November 25, 2007
a response to 2girls1cup that is thought to be sicker than the original, this time involving playing with puke.
dude 1:have u seen 2girls1finger?
dude 2:no.
dude 1:here.
dude 2:sick!!!
by andyb235 December 04, 2007
The grosest thing on the internet even wose than 2girls1cup. It's 2 asian girls sharing a log and some stomach fluid.
by TylerChalker December 07, 2007
another terribly nasty video produced from the makers of 2girls1cup. Watch with caution
"hey that chick totally freaked out when she watched 2girls1finger last night"
by Martin Jenkins December 04, 2007
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