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Another lame shock video site along the lines of 2girls1cup and BME Pain Olympics. Like 2girls1cup, 2girls1finger is of an overt sexual nature and involves people throwing up in, on and around each other and eating said throw up just to do it all again. All these sites are off chutes of the original internet shock sites goatse and tubgirl. Unfortunately, as of November 2007 shock sites are the flavor of the moment mainly due to the fact that it has spurned a mass amount of even lamer videos showing individuals shocked reactions to these videos.
Turd: Have you seen 2girls1finger yet bro!?
Normal Guy: What!? What the hell is that another lame shock site?
Turd: Hell Yeah!
Normal guy: Nah bro. I'm over it, hell I was never into it... and by the way, don't ever contact me again.

After tricking their friends into watching 2girls1finger and recording it on a hidden webcam, Tammy and Billy Bob went home and posted a reaction video to their friends' reaction video which was also a reaction to their friends' reaction to their friend Lucy Lu Lu's Mom and Sister watching the video. Problem was, aside from their friends and acquaintances, nobody cares or finds it funny at all.

Dude1: Man I'll be happy when all this tubgirl, goatse, 2tubgirls1goat crap is behind us.
Dude2: Me too man. Once everybody realizes the reaction vids are stupid it'll all be over.
Dude1: Yeah, sad part is some sick loser pricks actually live this crap and make those scat and ball chopping and bicycle pump screwing vids for a joy and in some cases a profit.
Dude2: No kidding. Pathetic really. Hey, no biggie, one day they'll all be burning and rotting in Hell anyway, then they can eat all the poop and throw up they want.
Dude1: Ha Ha Ha. No doubt! Let's go grab an In-N-Out Burger.
Dude2: Hell Yeah.

by MonsignorDictionaire December 03, 2007

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