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2Moons is a MMORPG derived from Dekaron run by the most inept faggot retarded dick fucking company in the world: Acclaim.
Player1: OMG my 2Moons account just got hacked!!!11!111!!!one
Player2: WTF!!?11!1??1one Email support!!!111!
Player1: Ok!!!11!11!one11 *Emails*
---31 Days Later---
Acclaim Support: We regret to inform you that you will not be compensated because this email is over 30 days old. Thank you for understanding.
Player1: WTFFF?!
Acclaim Support: PWNED!!!!!!!! Thanks for understanding.
Player1: Noooooooooooooo!!!!! My lvl 160 full +9 Bagi!!!!!!! My lifeeeeeee!!!!!!!
Player3: Dil buyer!!!
Player1: Fuck you I grinded all that in Heiharp crespo it's easy.
Player3: Yeah ok, keep telling yourself and that.
by 2MoonsBlows April 14, 2009
A fun but time consuming game but not as much as World of Warcraft uhhh it has humongus disconnection problem uhh two sexy guys named torrack and super toilet delux uhh crap i wanna get acclaim pts from this so join
Oh fucking shit its DC again bob WTF, and get Steph off my ass she's fucking anoying. 2 moons is Ahight!
by super toilet delux January 22, 2008
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