1) A type of Nike Shoe.
2) Size of rims
1) Dem some fresh 20s.
2) I'm sittin' on 20s, chromed out.
by GX March 20, 2006
an inch measurement for the wheels of an automobile.
i got 20's for my caddy.
by Douglas November 19, 2002
The term is used in the North West of England and it refers to £20 worth of Cannabis.
"Oi mate, I'll need a 20s tonight.."
"No worries, I got you."
by rez0h November 19, 2015
£20 worth of marijuana
Esp. 1/8th of an ounce

Also 20 bit or 20 bag
Gotta smoke 20s this weekend
by KRONK May 27, 2005
Wheels that everyone thought were huge back in 97. Now 26s are small
I laugh at people when I see them with 20s bitch im ridin 26's
by RI SUCKS December 10, 2006
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