2-Step is a kind of music in Britain. British 2- Step is The U.S.A.'s R&b. A lot of people consider 2-Step to be better than R&b (although they are the same thing) because american r&b has been to fused with hip-hop that you can't even tell the diffrence.
British Chick: Ya heard of 2-step music?
American Chick: Na what is it?
British Chick: it is the same thing as ya u.s.a. r&b. only that is actually is more r&b then da u.s. one is.
by Nicole December 09, 2004
the act of skipping a step when walking up stairs so that you are taking 2 steps at a time
TL: Yo check this,

Soukup: Hmm?

TL: I'm totally 2 stepping these stairs.
by T Nigz December 04, 2008
its when you put it in her ass and then her pussy. then you go back and forth between both holes.
a: i went dancing last night.

b: what did you do?

a: the 2 step with a chick
by b of pb August 06, 2008
A rev-limiter used in drag racing for launching your vehicle, also known as a stutter box.

That Camaro just hit the 2 step.
by Nick Lenhardt April 05, 2006
another name for a vagina.
Christine showed everyone her 2 step.
by d to da r September 17, 2007

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