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the act of skipping a step when walking up stairs so that you are taking 2 steps at a time
TL: Yo check this,

Soukup: Hmm?

TL: I'm totally 2 stepping these stairs.
by T Nigz December 04, 2008
2-Step is a kind of music in Britain. British 2- Step is The U.S.A.'s R&b. A lot of people consider 2-Step to be better than R&b (although they are the same thing) because american r&b has been to fused with hip-hop that you can't even tell the diffrence.
British Chick: Ya heard of 2-step music?
American Chick: Na what is it?
British Chick: it is the same thing as ya u.s.a. r&b. only that is actually is more r&b then da u.s. one is.
by Nicole December 09, 2004
its when you put it in her ass and then her pussy. then you go back and forth between both holes.
a: i went dancing last night.

b: what did you do?

a: the 2 step with a chick
by b of pb August 06, 2008
A rev-limiter used in drag racing for launching your vehicle, also known as a stutter box.

That Camaro just hit the 2 step.
by Nick Lenhardt April 05, 2006
another name for a vagina.
Christine showed everyone her 2 step.
by d to da r September 17, 2007