A horrifyingly twisted porno featuring

two girls who happily and

enthusiastically shit into, vomit

into, and lick a poor innocent glass

(the glass was scarred for life, having

been made only to hold cool refreshing

beverages). The video is often shown to

other people for shock value, and

2girls1cup reactions have become popular

all across the interwebz.
Hey dude, wanna see something really funny? It's called 2girls1cup, and its really life-changing.



by Never clicking on links again January 09, 2009
pretty damn gross....perhaps they have watched jay and silent bob one too many times, for anyone who has seen jay and silent bob you'll know what im talking about. anyone who hasnt here's a rough quote:
"we're going to find those internet fucks! then we're going to make them eat our shit, then shit out our shit! then we're going to make them eat THEIR shit which is made up of the shit we just made them eat!" -Jay (Jason Mewes)
so perhaps these 2 girls saw the movie and thought:

"hey lets eat our shit, then puke up our shit and then eat our puke that is made up of our shit that we just ate!"

and bam, the tragedy that is 2 girls 1 cup....thanks jay and silent bob!
by teefee April 03, 2008
The act of two females depositing feces into a cup and consuming it, then swapping said feces between their mouths through kissing and vomiting.
2 Girls 1 Cup was the most disgusting piece of shit I've ever seen!
by joe_dawg_9 March 09, 2008
A very, very, very disgusting internet video. It starts with two girls making out and then one of them shits into a cup and you actually see her butt and see her shitting. Then both girls eat the shit and throw up into each other's mouths.

The video has become an internet phenomenon from videos of people's reactions to the video. They even have an episode of Family Guy where Brian shows Stewie the video.

1st boy: Have you seen the video 2 Girls 1 Cup?

2nd boy: No, but I'll watch it tonight.

the next day


1st boy: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!
by matthew winchell August 02, 2008
2 girls 1 cup is the reason why I'm pro-choice. These shit eating chicks make dot coms like Rotten look like a sweet ray of sunshine.
Anti-Abortionist: "All life is sacred! If you have sex, you should be prepared for parenthood!"

Pro-Abortionist: "Really? Watch 2 girls 1 cup and tell me that line again. I'll join your side of the protest if ya can."

Anti-Abortionist: OK, I WILL!! 30secs later

(Anti_Abortionist Pukes...Stands up...immediately pukes again)

Anti-Abortionist: "...Say there buddy, ya got Rrrrr...." (Pukes again) "...ugh, oh god that was messed up...ya got room for one more on your side of the picket line?"
(Pukes again)
The WORST possible movie clip one can EVER see!!
Me: whats wrong?
Wendy:I saw 2 girls 1 cup and my eyeballs just vomited!! AHHHHHHHHHHH
by wenjing March 31, 2008
a disgusting ass video on the internet...it consists of 2 girls and 1 cup..hence the name 2girls1cup..in the beginning it starts out with these 2 girls making out and its pretty hot and then BAM! outta nowhere a girl takes a dump into this cup...and this was one of the biggest dumps ive ever seen in my life..seriously!! shortly afterwards they start the poop and throwing up in eachothers mouths.. its fucking disgusting do not watch this unless you want to make your eyes bleed
pervert: dude have you seen dat new video on the internet 2girls1cup??
friend: nah mayne it sounds hot tho
pervert:dude its the bestest thing ive ever seen in my life you should go to 2girls1cup.com and check it out
The Next Day
friend:walks up to his friend slowly
pervert: ahahahahahahahaha you watched it didnt you!! aahahaha dumbass!
friend:fuck you!
the friend pulls out a gun and kills his perverted friend
by iPopThizz March 29, 2008
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