Legal age for purchasing and consuming alcohol in the UK
Ten seconds past midnight, its my 18th birthday, Lets go get wasted and this time ill use my REAL ID
by uBerBean March 15, 2009
Korean Profanity: meaning FUCK

1 = Shi
8 = Bal

therefore 18 = ShiBal/FUCK!
by Benji Yu October 21, 2003
the age you are considered adult AND can buy alcohol if you live in europe >:)
John:Hey Mike i heard you turned 18 today
John:Happy first legally purchased beer
by lolborg September 02, 2010
The age which you are first considered a human being at. Any age below 18 is highly discriminated against almost everywhere in the world and you are not yet human in the eyes of almost everyone. People under the age of 18 are legally allowed to be, with the exception of being murdered or tortured, treated exactly like slaves of the 1800's by slave owners, called "adults, parents, or gardians" for obvious reasons.
Eddy: I know I have AIDS and I'm going to die tomorrow but, I'm 60 years old and I lived 60 great years so I couldn't be happier.

Bobby: No, you lived 42 great years, the years before that you were not a human being, remember?

Eddy: Oh yea, maybe by the time you're my age, age discrimination will be illegal and people under the age of 18 will be treated the same as people over it.

Bobby: Wonder what they'll find to discriminate against after that happens, they already used blacks and gays.
by Not Yet a Human May 14, 2008
The legal minimal age at wich a girl (or boy for the sick fags out there) to be fucked or shone on porn sites.
girl: Lets Fuck!!!!
boy: Are you old enough?
girl: Ya! I just turned 18 yesterday!
-------------------1 WEEK LATER-----------------------------
girl: FUCK!!!!!!
boy: what happened?
girl : I'M PREGNANT!!!!
--------------boy moves to Alaska-------------------------
by kirill2525 July 27, 2009
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