2 definitions by Jangwon

I am Korean.As one of Korean native speaker,I can define this word,'chobo'
Chobo is a Korean word which means someone who is new to something such as driving,game,sports,jobs.
Cho=start,begin. Bo=step.

So,Chobo means a newbie.
Are you a man enough to fight against me in starcraft game?
You are a chobo.Get more experience.
by Jangwon February 01, 2004
18 means FUCK in Korean.
When Koreans pronounce 18(eighteen),it sounds like fuck in Korean.
The pronunciation of 18=Sip Pal(

Sip means pussy(Korean slang).
Pal means sale.
Sip Pal means that you are a bastard or a hooker.

Sibal,Shipal,Sibal,Sippal,Sipal,SSibal...and so on.
You!!!Son of a bitch.181818.
by Jangwon February 01, 2004

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